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All your session’s information
in one place

Why we believe this can be useful.

From Do It Yourself…

All the information is sent by multiple e-mails, containing links to google docs, zoom invites, attached documents, and zip files…

…to Big Platforms

…Or you have the big platforms offering great and useful tools, but way too complex and expensive for smaller sessions.

How it works.

We offer a simple solution: a mini-website that hosts all your documents, links, inputs, etc. in ONE SINGLE PLACE, accessible freely or through a personalized username and password. You can choose to use a graphic created by us and already available, choosing between different options, or personalize it with your branding. We can also help with custom graphics!

My Event

is Your Event

A simplified journey

Create at your convenience the journey of your client/participant. Collect in one place what needs to be seen and shared BEFORE you start an event, what comes out DURING the session in real time, and its OUTCOMES.

Personalize with your branding

All graphic parts of the website can be customized based on your needs: colors, fonts, logos. Just do it yourself with access to the backend or ask us for help and we’ll be happy to co-create something. If you like one of our themes, they are ready to be used!

Pre-defined yet modular content

We created a large set of modules we believe are all you need. Just play with them and place them around as you want choosing from a pre-defined library of options.
Need more or different ones?
Ask us and we will create them for you.

Create your subdomain

Every event and session has its own subdomain and you can create your own. It will always look something like And when you are done (or even FOR your session) we can move content and structure within your own website.

Who is it for?


Create your visual environment and have participants engage with your content.


Collect and find all your content in one place and share it with participants at the right time with no effort!

You Name It...

Gather everything in one single place and make sure no information gets lost in communication.


Write to us to get a personalized quote based on your needs and we’ll call you back. 
We do great at listening and understanding what needs to be done.

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Housatonic and Say It Simple.

We are two small companies, looking for smart and simple solutions to complex problems.
We are bringing together our expertise in sessions and graphic design with online programming to create a tool that helps you and your work.