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All the information for your event,
in one (digital) place.

Are you planning

We created a dedicated and customizable platform with easy access to all the content and tools any participant would find useful.

A simplified journey

Create at your convenience the journey of your client/participant from A to Z.

Collect in one place what needs to be seen and shared before you start an event, what comes out during the session in real time, and its outcomes.



All graphic parts of the website can be customized based on your needs and branding: colors, fonts, logos.


Pre-defined yet modular content


We created a broad set of modules we believe are everything you need!

Registration form, personalized agenda, thematic interests list, Q&A dashboard, participants’ chatroom, and many more!


Create your subdomain


Every event and session has its own subdomain and you can create it!

If needed we can move content and structure within your website.*
* After a technical requirements’ test



Contact us

Leave here your contacts.
We’ll write to you as soon as possible!
We’ll listen to your needs and suggest solutions to create your own MyEvent.


      There is a limit to the number of people who can use MyEvent?

      No, no limits. The website can potentially host an infinite number of users, individually or at the same time.

      Why are there no costs on the website?

      Every project and every event has specific needs and features: we can build or adapt your MyEvent starting from them. That is why we prefer to give you a targeted budget instead of an estimate based on templates.

      How much can I customize my website with my colors and brand?

      Websites are completely customized based on available templates: logo, colors, and every detail can be on your taste.

      Can I manage by myself content’s uploading and updating?

      You can easily manage all the content by yourself using a simplified backend.

      Do I necessarily have to use the domain

      The space on our servers is to guarantee constant updates on the website, but we can install it on other services’ servers (after a compatibility test).

      Is MyEvent your primary work?

      In the beginning, this project satisfied our need to have a unique tool helping manage all the content in workshops and events we organize as designers and facilitators, finding out with time it was something so easy that could be useful for many.

      Not finding the module I need means it’s not doable?

      We are always open to advice, tips, and needs. This project has a natural evolution: it can grow and improve thanks to users’ contributions and needs.

      Are my contents and material safe?

      We always use security measures to help protect your data from non authorized accesses. Our system uses SSL criptation procedures so we send a cryptographic format of your data to respect GDPR. We continuously improve our security systems with modern technology updates.

      Is MyEvent useful just for online events?

      It is born to support online workshops and events but also a powerful tool to collect all the necessary and useful information for participants and work with the same efficiency on a personal computer or device.

      Once the event is over, all my content will end up in nothing?

      All the content, accessible via username and password or public, will be kept for 180 days maximum, if not differently agreed with the client.

      Want to stay in touch?

      We always work searching for easy and usable solutions to complex problems.

      We merge events and workshops’ design experience with graphic design and programming to create tools that can be useful for you and your work.