Gender Transformative Business Models: Opportunity to Action

15 November from 14:00 – 15:30 CET 


Opening remarks by H.M. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands in her role as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA)

Followed by a welcome address by Stephen Rasmussen, interim CEO at CGAP, and Daan Wensing, CEO of IDH.

Setting the Scene

Framing the opportunity and setting the scene for understanding the road to gender transformative business models and where participating businesses are in this journey.

Global Leaders Insights

Hear from Global Leaders of leading actors in the global agriculture and food sector on how gender transformative approaches can boost a company’s competitive edge in a changing global food system.

Fireside Chats

Interactive sessions where agriculture actors meet non-agriculture actors in an informal conversation to share and unpack real stories and experiences on the road to gender inclusive and gender transformative business models. Conversation topics include:

Rural women are diverse, and their varied lives and livelihoods must be well understood to be well served. How is the private sector working to differentiate and detail profiles of rural women? And how is it then designing and delivering responsive, gender transformative services that build customer value and make business sense?
Agriculture ranks among the most male-dominated and risk-averse industries. But climate change, new technologies and shifting consumer perspectives are forcing disruption and business leaders are looking to adapt and grow. How can gender transformative approaches spark business model innovation, improve their value propositions, and optimize operations?
Women comprise the majority of agricultural labour, but this labour tends to concentrate on lower value-added activities and is often poorly paid and unsafe. How are private sector actors using gender transformative approaches to create empowering and safe workplaces and how do their businesses thrive as a result?
The long-standing business models in the agricultural sector are poised for disruption. The future of farming is female, young and digital and shaped by a changing climate. As new opportunities emerge, how is the private sector using a gender transformative lens to engage new sources and serve women throughout their supply chain?
According to research on market valuation, investors value firms that adopt “best practices” such as gender inclusion and disregard those that remain entrenched in dated practices. How are business leaders using gender transformative approaches to de-risk investment and access wider — and more favourable — sources of capital?

Breaking New Ground

Interactive session for sharing reflections, insights, and next steps on the road to gender inclusive and gender transformative business models.