IDH Gender Toolkit case studies – This collection of case studies and guidance for integrating a gender perspective in programs, published in 2018, is a useful learning tool.

Addressing Gender Norms to Increase Financial Inclusion: Designing for Impact – This CGAP Technical Guide helps funders design and implement interventions that take gender norms into account to allow for greater and more sustainable impact in women’s financial inclusion.   

The IDH gender toolkit is a guide to help incorporate a gender lens in your organization. It is suitable for organizations that are not only focused on farmers, but also environmental projects, workers and platforms and allows for a rapid assessment of where you are on your gender journey.

The AgriFin Gender Transformative Toolkit is a collection of tools to support farmer-facing organizations to design and deliver effective and inclusive products, services, and partnerships to meet women smallholder needs.  


Optimizing Farm Systems through Gender Inclusion – This IDH Farmfit report shares insights in how gender-inclusive services for smallholder farmers can create a sustainable return on investment. 

Exploring Innovative Financial Services for Rural Women’s Livelihoods – This CGAP blog post explores innovations in financial services that can help women with rural and agricultural livelihoods increase their incomes and resilience.

How Fintechs Can Capture the Female Economy – This report  by the Financial Alliance for Women quantifies the opportunity cost of not taking a gender-intelligent approach and lays out a map that equips fintechs and their investors to take steps to win the women’s market.

Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment in Financial Inclusion – This FinEquity publication serves as a reference guide for financial inclusion practitioners, researchers, and other stakeholders interested in applying women economic empowerment to their work.

Can Free Phones Close the Digital Gender Divide? – This CGAP blog post finds that interventions that must address not only affordability constraints, but deep-rooted social norms that reinforce and deepen the digital divide.

Women’s Safety Accelerator Fund – This joint effort among IDH, Unilever and Tesco was created to address gender-based violence in the tea sector in Assam, India.  

Gender Empowerment Platform – This program in the Kenyan tea sector aims to reduce gender-based violence and increase female leadership and financial literacy.

Financial Solutions for Women in Rural and Agricultural Livelihoods – This slide deck synthesizes CGAP research and insights on the constraints faced by women in rural and agricultural livelihoods and the opportunities for service providers and funders to add value to their lives and livelihoods.


IDH Gender Equality – Short film illuminating IDH’s perspective and programs dealing with gender topics.